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Huxon Edge Technology is largely focused on core Information and Communication Technology. Information Technology is a major factor that cuts across every field with the ability to enable companies with enhanced speedy processes, saving time and human resources simutaneously. It is like the grease the engine of every company needs to smoothly and swiftly beat the rising competiton.

Companies will continue to rotate around low scale production untill the electricity issue militating strongly against the economy of this country is solved. To help change things, we are presently breeding a real-time solution for companies. Its not new, but the solution is all improved and we are driving the awareness more strongly across the nation. We are presently set to deploy MEGA SCALE power banks for offices, companies and residential areas like estates etc. Our Power banks are of different capacities. We deploy power banks that can drive a Factory of Machineries for 200 hrs, an Estate or hotel for a month at a stretch with all the normal domestic electrical facilities like air conditioners, refrigerators, electric irons, washining machines etc, switched on at random. Actually the size of the power banks are what determine how long the electricity will last. Presently there are lots of Banks that are already using power banks, power banks are a prime substitute to large generators constant fueling and maintainance cost. Connect with us to have your business running at full capacity with all the electricity you need. Power banks can relief you of Electricity bills and High fuel cost. You can recharge with electricity or generators. If don't want to keep paying unjustifiable high electricity bills, then get a generator that can give your power bank 1 month's charge in 2 days.

mobile technology

Mobile Technology offers a faster and more convenient way of doing business on the move via mobile devices which are presently the closest devices to millions of people in the world. Lots people spend a lot of time with their phones; so if you can engage the phones as a medium of projecting your business, you will embrace large oppourtunities...

web tech - e-commerce

If you are a business person and you are not yet taking advantage of the internet to make money, then you are missing out a lot in a world where so many people are recieving payments on their websites. Locally located showrooms are not good enough, most people want to know exactly what to expect before they visit your business place...

facility deployment - cctv

Internet Protocol (IP) CCTVs make it very easy to monitor details of all activities in your home or office from anywhere in the world. The have become major security factors in detecting theft or illegal activities in so many places. In a world that demands extreme security conciousness, CCTV have become necessities. We deploy CCTVs for Industrial Plant, Factories, Offices and residential homes...



Our Values are founded on love, we are very pasionate about our clients and we are committed to their corporate success. We serve passionately with very deep respect for each person we have the oppourtunity to serve and we are focused on building a long term corporate relationship with each client. We are mostly fulfilled when each client is happy.


In HUXON EDGE, we are a world class team trained to deliver Hardcore services with a deep sense of professionalism and excellence. We are result oriented and each person is professionally trained to deliver services of premium quality. For us every oppourtunity to serve is another oppourtunity to improve the trend and keep up with the world's standards.

  • spEED

    To most people we are unbelieveable fast. We drive hard to deliver within the stipulted time for every job and our rate of service delivery has never ceased to impress our clients. Everyone of us is trained to understand that if we are going to do it then we have to do it well, start immediately and finish right on time. We fully understand that no excuse is good enough to keep a client waiting.


    We do not compromise standards and we do not cut coners. What we actually sell in general terms is high quality services and that is what has kept clients with us for years. We work hard round the clock to ensure we keep our promises of high quality and timely delivery.

important notice

For a long time our company has focused on Web Technology, so much so that, many people think that's we do majorly when in the actual sense it is a minute aspect of the company. Over time we have engaged different platforms like Bulk Sms, Bulk Mails, Social Media, Mobile networks encouraging people to get not just websites, but effective, good looking websites enticing enough to close in sales as soon as possible; basically because we fully understand that a business without a website hardly exist outside the papers and will be grossly limited in Patronage. A lot of times after you have said what you do, people go online to check up what we have said without letting us know and when they don't find you online, they doubt your authenticity. The Internet may seem irrelevant to some people but that does not change the fact that it is presently controlling the world in ways people never thought possible a few decades ago. It came like some form of simple emailing solution but now, it has taking the center stage of businesses across the world so much so that if your business is not online, you can be easily mistaken as unserious or unprofessional. And actually that assumption is right because if you were serious about your business, you will give it the global accessibility it deserves and make sure everyone whether or not you know them can fully understand what you do for a living and call you when they need your services

Submit the best paper profiles and proposals, what they want to see is your website and if your website is not interesting and luring enough, someone else is getting the job, it's that simple. There is hardly anybody who wants to know what you do from so many piles of paper, it can be confusing and burdensome carrying so many piles of papers. Imagine 1000 companies sending in paper profiles for a job or a long stretched black and white boring microsoft word typed email. Nobody is going to carry all those papers around, in fact in most cases the papers get missing, are forgotten somewhere and all such stuff, the black and white emails look so dry people soon sign out of their inbox to something else. But make sure the person in-charge gets your website and he will sure check it up because websites, generally stir curiosity, have a strong tendency to excite, thrill and entertain visitors. For the most part of it, many people get to a website and just won't leave, curiously moving from page to page. But give them all that information on Paper or email, they just dump it aside for later reading and never reallly get back to it; so you need to get a website before sending the next lengthy proposal. Always summarize and refer people your website for more details that way you drive the important hardcore points home swiftly and professionally; almost everybody will read a short proposal as soon as they get, this also helps people take advantage of bulk sms.

The worst is when you send a mail from a public mail platform like Yahoo, gmail, ymail etc to a company abroad, they will immediatedly flag it red, report is as spam so that the rest emails from the same public mail will go straight to spam box where unwanted mails are sent to for the trash box when the spam mails gets too many. Contrary to what is obtainable on a website online where so many people spend over 24 hrs on a website, these people are called unique visitors. As vague and unreasonable it may sound to you, in today's world, if you do not have a website online, you are just not ready for business yet. Your Website is an open door to gross paronage. Only companies who embrace Web Technology will truly see the light of Business Advancement.