HUXON EDGE International Limited Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services is a company with International Standard solutions in various areas of ICT.

Our vision is to enble easy workflow, enhance the earning power of businesses and advance business practice all across Africa and beyond. Our edge cutting solutions are remarkably known to put businesses on the fore front of their business fields.

Our passion is to get businesses online is beyond expression, we dedicately make visible efforts to encourage companies to establish an online presence as this has an unfathomable capacity to transform any small business person into a mogul in a day, depending on the exposure the website gets.

Beyond Web Tech we emphasize on taking full advantage of information Technology in everything anyone is doing. Information and Communication Technology is not just the new trend in business but the leading business force that cannot be ignored by anyone who intends to make mind stagering impact and set the lead in business. An anlysis clearly shows that businesses that have fully taken advantage of information technology are the ones leading the world and also the richest companies in the world. Churches in full connection with ICT are also setting the pace. ICT is one field that cuts across every field and can deliver all round transformation in any field.

Our ICT solutions will lift your business from mediocrity to lime light and help you enjoy stress free results.