E-Publication is an all inclusive form of electronic publication. E-publications last as long as possible, can go round as many people as possible, and can be downloaded countless times. It is cheap to produce compared to having to print endless copies of books.

We design E-books, E-brochure, E-proposal etc. And design platforms that can be used to sell the E-materials or upload it on your website for free downloads.

E-publications can also be designed just for phones, all types of phones.

Advantages of E-Publishing

One of the most obvious advantages of e-books over traditional publishing is significantly lower production costs. There is no need for paper, and no typesetting needs to be done. As digital storage space and Internet bandwidth prices are decreasing more and more, distribution expenses for e-books are now virtually non-existent. No physical storage space, no production machinery, and no distribution network means significantly lower energy, structure, and employee costs. And e-books cannot only be easily updated (especially niche market products in technology or education sectors), but need never go “out of print”. All this can give a publisher solely producing e-books extreme competitive advantages over traditional houses.

Furthermore, with the help of software technology, production time from manuscript to finished product is substantially shorter than print publication. Where the latter requires several months to a year and more, an e-book manuscript can potentially be edited, outlined, packaged, and put into virtual stores within weeks, instantly making it available to the global market. And electronic files are not limited to text and static graphics. Rich media content – from hyperlinks to the World Wide Web to audio and video clips – can be added to enhance the appeal of e-books over printed books.

For authors, aspiring and published alike, e-books can indeed be the key to hitherto untapped markets. Not only are the chances for niche books to see the light of day in form of electronic publication greater (due to the reduced production costs), but authors can keep more control over the finished product. We grant authors the right to deliver their own cover design and control the typeface and general appearance of their book.