ICT FACILITY DEPLOYMENT basically means configuring hardwares to work with the appropriate software to achieve the expected results. We deploy  the following facilities

CCTV cameras which we can also configure to work with projector screens or TV in the same environment where the cameras are located and on the internet to help you view your business or residential environment from anywhere in the world.

METAL DETECTORS :- These could be deployed at entry points as door post, gates etc.

NETWORKING FACILITY DEPLOYMENT both wireless and wired networks for all kinds of Internet and Intranet Connections, Installations of V-sats, etc

CARD KEY DOOR LOCKS  that work with softwares for offices, hotels etc. The basic essence of card key lock or thumb print locks is to ensure absolute control into any entrance, particularly in a case where you can't possibly retrieve the key from it's possessor or to ensure there are no issues of key duplication. These forms of key locks can be disenabled from the server where they where installed. And in cases of misplacement, all that is require is disenable the missing key and configure another card key for the door is available on the lock software. It also helps hotels control time in and time out, once the visitor’s time is up, his or her key is disenable and they need to pay again to keep using the room.