E- forums are Interactive Platforms where people can communicate with as many people as possible on different issues. It usually serves as a place online where people can make inquiries and receive answers from people registered in that forum or share their opinions. Different people that can have forums include people of the same interest, schools, organizations, companies, Nations etc.

Attributes of our E-forum Design include

Moderators: - These are features that can be used to moderate discussions going on, on the board. A message from members of public can be held from public viewing until a person who has a moderators right (most likely a staff) approves of the posting. If the posting is deemed unhealthy, it can be discarded and the public will never get to see it.

Report tools: These tools are designed to be attached to all postings made on this forum. It is a tool that helps members of the public report any form of abuse of the forum by anyone. E.g. if someone should post something that doesn’t make sense or something abusive, a report tool can be used to call the forum administrator’s attention (a staff or Pastor) so that he or she can quickly delete the posting.

Banning Tools: - This tool is used to completely ban people who are continually abusing the E-forum from being a part of the forum. Once a person is banned, all his or her registered information seizes to function, that means they can no longer make postings to the forum.

Terms of Service Security: - This forum is designed in such a way that only people that agree with its terms of service can use it. To this end those who do not agree to abide by the rules and regulations protecting the forum, will not be allowed to register on the forum.

Passwords:- Some forums can be password secured (e.g. Forums exclusive to the Pastorate). This means that the forum completely prevents anyone who does not have the password from gaining access to the forum, thereby keeping all discussions made on that forum very confidential and un-accessible by members of the public.

Allocation of Privileges: - This forum is designed so that different people can have different privileges. The public can view only forums made available on the public platform and make postings after they have registered. Some other forums can only be seen by some people only after they have registered - like the Pastors forum will only be seen on Pastors pages. Some people can be given the right to moderate the forum. Not all members of staff of the church can moderate, the right has to be assigned to a person before he or she can moderate. Some others can have the privilege of Administrating the forum which is a very delicate privilege and should be given to only very few people.

Mass E-mailing Tool: - This E-forum has Massive e-mailers that can send an e-mail to all the people registered on the forum at the same time in few minutes. This e-mailer can also be programmed to send e-mails to people in groups. With this grouping attributes, Citizens don’t receive e-mails meant for members of staff, and staff don’t receive e-mail messages meant for Citizens.

Carrying Capacity :- This has a comfortable carrying capacity of over Two hundred million (200,000,000) people who have an unlimited discussion space. The discussion space is very large and cannot be exceeded. This also means that there will never be cause for any discussions on the Discussion Boards to be deleted. And it can carry over 10,000 discussion board and Sub - discussion board at the same time.

Referral Tool: - With this tool, people on the forum can invite all their friends on the e-mail address book or on facebook. This will generate a multiplication effect of the number of people who can join the forum.

This E-forum has many other features that make for very high level of efficiency and security, too numerous to be mentioned here