In Hardware Management we handle Systems Upgrading, Laptop Repairs, and General Management.

HUXON EDGE LAPTOP CLINIC :- A bad laptop doesn’t necessarily require replacement, it simply requires expert repairs that can bring it back to life and make as productive as a new one. Our Laptop clinic offers a lot of services which include, diagnosing and fixing bad laptop parts, servicing and upgrading laptops and computers, setting up a new devices as laptop, Ipad etc.

SYSTEMS UPGRADING: - This basically means enhancing a computer to work better than it was when it was bought, this can be done either through Hardware replacement and addition or installing softwares that can make the system much more effective. In summary, we can make your systems start doing things they weren't originally doing when they were bought.

GENERAL MANAGEMENT:- This means generally overseeing a group of computers to make sure that they are effectively functional and can perform whenever needed. This can be done for Training Centers, Offices, Cyber Cafes, etc. General Management exercises can be done periodically, weekly, monthly etc