As the world is advancing, many devices show up on the scene but the fact remains that most people feel much more comfortable carrying only their phones as they move about. So that has made many smart companies strategize into taking full advantage of mobile phones which include mobile banking etc. In INFO-DIGITS, we help as much people as possible also take advantage of the mobile phones.

Our Mobile services include the following

Mobile Surveillance:- We configure Mobile Phones to work with your surveillance cameras fixed anywhere in the world so that you can see everywhere your cameras are located at your convenience through your phone without bulky stuff as laptops or Ipads.

Mobile Marketing:- Presently phones can be used for high rate marketing, to send mobile proposal, chat with clients and prospective clients on the move from anywhere in the world, share pictures of products with clients. like presently we have whatsapp corporate groups for different major towns in Nigeria, these groups make it easy to show your products to different CEOs across Nigeria. Mobile marketing via mobile apps have become much more effective than submitting paper proposals or even using emails. They are read faster and your target gets to respond much faster than when other mediums are used.

Mobile Data Management:- We design and configure softwares, web applications and various data management systems that can work with your phones. Keeping you informed of your organizations information on the move.

SMS Splash / Bulk SMS :- Our SMS Splash program is grouped into two, Text and Voice SMS. The text message is the type many of us are used to, a branded message that comes to our phone in written format. The Voice SMS is a recorded voice that contains all you will like to say to your target audience, moves to the phone as a call, when the called pick their phones; they hear the message as it has been recorded as though someone was talking to them.
Presently, we can comfortably send these two forms of SMS to over one million people in each country across West Africa.

Mobile Phone Themes, Wall Papers and Screen Savers : - We design lovely branded phone Themes, Wall Papers and Screen Savers for companies and organizations which members of staff can use on their phones and share with their friends and family. These Themes, Wall Papers and Screen Savers can also be uploaded on your website for site users to download and use on their phones.
When people have Phone Themes, Wall Papers and Screen Savers that have your brand on their phone, each time they look at their phone, they see your brand which will soon become a part of them and consistently remind them of your company’s products and services. And so whenever they think of buying any of the things you produce, your brand will first come to their mind and they will most likely buy your products. And the great thing is that Themes, Wall Papers and Screen Savers can be shared amongst friends, so one person can share your brand with hundreds of his or her friends.

Caller Tunes and Ringing Tunes:- Caller tunes are the tunes the caller hears when we are called while ringing tunes are the tunes that are heard by people around us when our phone rings. We can make tunes for your products, services and events which can serve as caller tunes and ringing tunes so that as people call the phones of your staff, friends and members of our organization they will hear the lovely tunes of your adverts. Our caller tunes and ringing tunes are usually very interesting, captivating, ceonvincing and attractive.

Mobile Videos: - We can design mobile phone compatible short videos of cartoon in which all the characters will be promoting your brand. Videos as these are usually exciting and viewers can download it from your website to their phones and watch it whenever they are bored. This is one of the most exciting forms of advert there is in the world and has numerous advantages