We are passionately designing websites for companies because a website is the basic platform of global expression for all the organizations in the world; in today’s competitive world, every organization should be able to make itself as visible as possible and the most professional and cheapest way to create global visibility for your business is through a website. 


We have different Packages, and they are all very effective. Study through the Packages and their benefits carefully before you choose.


3 Paged Website Designs -

An Email Platform

5 Custom Emails Addresses

1 Free Domain Name

1 Mobile Phone & Email reception Form on site

1000 Megabyte Web Space

10,000 MegaByte Web Bandwidth

E-Website Management Manual

25 SMS Invitation to 25 Companies within your Locality inviting them to visit your website

Email Proposals to 500 companies in Nigeria

Email Proposals to 10 Major companies in the US

Content Management website tools

24/7 Website Service Support

10 Paged Website Designs - Free

An Email Platform

1 Mobile Phone and Email reception Form on site

Social Network Share Tools on Website

Full Copy of Website Offline

5 Custom Private Emails Addresses

E-Website Management Manual

Send 100 SMS Invitation to to 100 Companies within Nigeria. Inviting them to check up your website.

Send 1000 email Invitation to to 1000 Companies within your Country. Inviting them to check up your website. via your customized e-mail.

Send your Pdf Email Applications to 100 Major Companies in the US. via your customized e-mail.

Content Management website tools

24/7 Website Service Support

10,000 Mega Byte Web Space

10,000 Mega Byte Web Bandwidth

5 Custom Private Email addresses

1 Domain Name Registration

2 Sub Domains

Free Yearly Domain renewal

25 Paged Website Designs - Free

An Email Platform

3 Mobile Phone and Email reception Form on site

Interaction Platform

Drop-down Menus

Mobile Phone integrated forms

Enlistment of Website on Google Search Engine

Social Network Share Tools

A Chat Platform

Yearly Website Editing Services

A Database Form

Online Gallery of 100 pictures

Content Management website tools

An Auto-Map showing Direction to your Office or location

Mobile Responsive Web Pages

1 Flash Intro Design

Email Auto-Responds

Video gallery of maximum 25 imbeded videos

Corporate Service Form

A Control Panel Platform

24/7 Website Service Support



3,000 Email Proposals to 3000 Major Companies in Africa yearly.

SMS Invitation to 1,000 Companies in Nigeria inviting them to visit your website yearly.

Send 1000 PDF Proposals to the Major Companies in the world via your customized e-mail every year.

Integration of your Social Media Accounts to your Website

Follow 1000 Interest Companies Abroad for you on Twitter

Share your Website with 3000 Fans on Facebook

One Month Web Management Assistance

Create Free Social Media Pages on Facebook and Twitter

Quarterly Hit Count Reports

E-Website Management Manual

Quarterly Hit Count Reports

Full Copy of Website Offline

ICT Consultation Services


Unlimited Space

Unmetered Bandwidth

100 Custom Private Email addresses

1 Free Domain Name

5 Sub Domains

Free Yearly Domain renewal

$7 per Month or Its equivalent in your Currency

$10 per Month or Its equivalent in your Currency

$15 per Month or Its equivalent in your Currency

First Month $/N0.00
First Month $/N0.00
First Month $/N0.00
The Website Design is Free - Payment is only for Hosting Space, Features and Web Services.


PEOPLES’ FIRST POINT OF CALL: - Today most people browse through the internet to find organizations within their locality who offer the services they need, compare options from different companies before they eventually choose who to call on. Even after people offer referrals, they still want to have a deeper feel of the company be visiting their websites which is a lot easier for them than driving from one company to another to see things for themselves. A website helps convince the prospective clients that the company is a good professional system with the capacity to deliver required services and that its management are serious minded people who are ready to serve well. In every way, if your business really wants to win clients’ confidence, then a website is an urgent necessity. 

PROPOSAL ANALYSIS:- So many people wonder at what happen to proposals the write to companies or the governments, when a proposal or quotation is submitted by different companies, before the any invitation there is an inspection to verify if the people who submitted the proposals have the capacity to deliver as promised and in today’s technology age many government bodies or multinational companies do not necessarily move from place to place conducting inspections except if it is extremely necessary. And even if they have to, the inspection begins with the quality of website the companies have; and people who do not have a website at all usually do not stand a chance of being considered fit for the job. 
A website helps people understand your capacity to deliver, how organized your company is, it helps they see the works you have done for other people and work processes as they visit your company’s online gallery, they see the equipment you have, the nature of products you  Presently have or can source for etc. And if they are happy with the website you have then you are likely to get the big deals rolling in.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: - Some businesses still try to connect with companies abroad with their public e-mails, public e-mails include,, etc. And they wonder why they don’t get any reasonable response that can move their business forward. All such emails ring fraud alarms because internet fraudsters use them to dupe companies and people both locally and international so no matter how serious or how honest a company is, as long as they send their e-mails with public email platforms they are automatically tagged as of the dupes. 
Any company or business that really wants to connect and do business with the international community must use their private company’s email platform in the name that was registered at the corporate affairs commission. Corporate e-mails are verified by the company’s website or through an online search at the Corporate Affairs Commission website. So to gain international trust and audience, a website is a must.

WEBSITE RENOVATION: - Sometimes we meet people who say they have websites and indeed they have one but what can an old model website do for any serious company? Basically nothing or tiny because in the first place we need to completely understand the mindset of the buyers who go online to source for clients. They open so many websites of people doing the same thing before they choose and people whose websites are not attractive and captivating automatically do not stand a chance of being patronized. Old websites are like old model cars which have very little features and are therefore not effective any more
Every year new model structures and features are released, so actually every year websites should be technically improved on; and some that have not been improved on for the last three (3) years should be completely over hauled for increased organizational effectiveness. A new model Website can effectively carryout the functions of a receptionist and more. In the actual sense if you have a wonderful Website you can comfortably run a company of few people without stress as your website can do so much as entice and lure clients to your company, explain all the details of your service in the most organized and exciting manner, receive their questions through the enquiry form which can automatically be sent to your e-mail, announce new vacancies and register applicants, automatically delete unqualified applicants, receive reports (e.g. sales reports) from different branches, reply e-mails through a basic autoresponder and very importantly should be flexible enough for its owner to independently add and remove information at will. It should be able to receive money for your company and deposit it straight to the companies account very safely. All E-commerce designs ingrained into banks design structures are completely safe (as long as the designer is good). In fact most big companies have strongly taken advantage of the E-commerce systems because the easier and faster people can pay your company, the greater your chances in the market place. So instead of making clients go to stand on long queues in the banks, companies quickly provide them with safe online platforms where the can pay in a few clicks.

For effective Corporate Management every corporate website should be improved every year and completely over hauled every 3 years. The more up to date a website is, the more effective it is; so the easier it makes things for Management. An please if presently your website is not 

thrilling, captivating and exciting enough to leave a lingering effect in the minds of the visitors even if it is a day old, it needs to be improved on and in some cases completely re-designed as chances are it was designed by an amateur which are everywhere; the more thrilling, exciting and effective a website is, the more clients it can bring in; therefore the more it can help companies advance.

In conclusion, we can simply say that a website should portray every organization as highly professional, convince clients of your expertise and offer assistance to everyone who visits it. And that is our focus, to design a great website that can wonderfully package your company or business strong enough to convince clients that your company is the best suited to work for them; so that after they have seen your website, they move down to the company fully convinced and with the resolution that they have found the best people to work with.
Some websites we have designed for companies and businesses you may like to see include,   etc.

Content Management System: - This system makes it possible for our clients to manage their websites on their own accord. That means you will be able to log-in to add and remove writeups and pictures on your own anytime you want.   

Interaction Platform: - This is the platform that allows visitors on the site make comments on the site and share what they think of your ideas and vision.

 E-mail Platform: - Our websites have an e-mailing platform where we can create e-mail specific addresses for your company e.g.  

Traffic Tracker Reports: - This will help to know exactly how many people visit your website on a daily basis, the countries from which they visit your website, etc.  

Mobile Phone Compatible Online Forms: - These are feedback forms that can be used by the public to leave messages for you. E.g. enquiry forms, order forms, service forms etc. The forms can be designed in a way that you can receive messages posted through them on your mobile phones.  

Online Marketing tools: - These are programmed widgets that help advertise your website to millions of people on different online social communities as etc.  

Google adverts: - We put up all websites we design on google search which is the most used search engine in the world; so that much more people can visit your website.  
Photo Gallery: - This is an online photo gallery that can display pictures of your restaurant and its environs, the different food menus and the snacks produced by your company.  

Automated Map: - This kind of map shows the location of your company across different towns and all of its environs. It makes it possible for a person in any town where your company is located; to find it from any point in that town as quickly as possible.  

Flash Intro Page: A Flash Intro Page is an exciting and motivating program of moving pictures and words that can in one view help your visitors get a full grasp of what your website is all about and its strong points before they leave the site.   
We have many other classes of websites but these are the few we believe your school needs.